How to prescribe community IV antibiotics

All patients require a pre-printed prescription to be completed.

In addition, if the patient is not admitted, patients can take this pre-printed prescription to the hospital pharmacy to be dispensed the IV antibiotics to be taken home with them. This will be the case for patients referred from the Emergency or outpatient department and not admitted.

For inpatients, a pre-printed prescriptions will also need to be taken home by the patients. However, the antibiotic supply will be dispensed from the patients EPTTO with the other discharge medication.

Pre-printed Prescriptions

All patients must have a completed pre-printed prescription for the IV therapy at home service. Pre-printed Prescriptions are available for the commonly used antibiotics.

The forms cannot be altered. If an alternative antibiotic or dosing regime is required a blank prescription form must be used.

Inpatients TTOs

Antibiotics must be prescribed on EPTTO along with regular medication.

Send the pre-printed prescription with the EPTTO to pharmacy; it will be returned to the ward with the EPTTO medication.

The pre-printed prescription MUST accompany the patient home. The community nurses administer against this.

Pharmacy opening times